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Hybridtufa: Papercrete

Papercrete is an incredible building material.  Not only can you build troughs and garden decor, but you can also build furniture, dog houses and even small buildings.

The following pictures are from a 64 square foot garden shed that I built using nothing more than 2" X 4" and 1" X 6" lumber and papercrete.  Many of the techniques used to build this garden shed will be part of my new book  "Hybridtufa: Adventures with Hypertufa and Papercrete" , which is due to be published sometime in November. 

This small photo essay is just to show you one the many building possibilities available with papercrete.

Formula (excerpt from book):
Recipe #1
Properties and Use
- This is a standard - multi use recipe. Use to make doghouses, garden sheds, pond liners, artificial ‘rocks’, or just about anything.

      • 3 parts paper pulp
      • 1 part builders sand
      • 1 part gravel
      • 2 part cement
      • 1 part shredded straw (optional)

 ../../user/image/Littlehall window_sm.JPG 
"Stained Glass Window" made with papercrete (and glass). 

../../user/image/littlehall building_sm.JPG
House in progress - showing slip fomation technique (with help from a friend)

 ../../user/image/littlehall finished_sm.jpg

Finished (almost finished) garden shed - note the stained glass window on the left. 


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