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Hybridtufa: Ordering Information

The following are only descriptions of the items I am selling.  I sell everything directly through eBay.  If you are interested in ordering any of these items, please go to my eBay listing and order directly from there. 

 Indoor Mini-Trough Garden Kit

Kit contains everything that you need to create your own trough garden. 
Includes the following:

  • A reusable plastic mold 5-inches long by 4-inches wide and 3-inches deep.  Includes a lid that you can use as a drainage tray for your completed Trough.
  • Premeasured and premixed hypertufa.  Just add water and it's ready to use.  Enough mix to make one Mini-Trough Garden
  • Detailed instructions, including "how-to" demonstration pictures.
  • Latex Gloves - Always wear waterproof gloves when working with cement
  • Dust mask - Not a good idea to breath hypertufa mix.




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